Training and e-learning

The National ID Centre offers courses and e-learning for partners

The courses aim to strengthen the authorities' control efforts in the ID area.

To strengthen the quality of the control efforts in the immigration area, the Danish National ID Centre offers courses and e-learning for the centre's partners in ID document assessment and facial comparison.

The purpose of the training and e-learning courses is to upgrade the authorities' specific competences needed in their areas of work and thereby strengthen their ability to assess the identity of individuals presenting ID documents.

Range of courses and e-learning

NIDC offers both standardized basic courses and customized courses targeted at the specific authorities' case work. You can read more about the content of the basic courses under the sections Basic Course in ID Document Assessment, Basic Course in Assessing Copies of ID Documents, and Facial Recognition Course.

E-learning is developed based on the competence development needs of the authorities.

Co-operating authorities can contact for more information about courses and training offers.

If you are unsure whether your workplace is part of the centre's collaborating authorities and can take advantage of NIDC's course offerings, you can read more about the executive order/collaborating authorities under Partners and reference group.