International ID databases

Here you will find descriptions of and links to applicable ID databases, which include copies of ID, travel and breeder documents. Some databases are reserved for those authorities handling ID documents, while others are publicly accessible.

Public Register of Authentic Identity and Travel Documents Online (PRADO)

PRADO, a database created by the Council of the European Union, contains information on travel and ID documents and selected security features. The database is maintained by experts of EU countries together with experts from Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. PRADO mainly contains information on ID documents from EU countries but it also includes some countries outside the EU.
PRADO is publicly accessible.

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Edison TD

Edison TD (Travel Documents) is a database of travel documents and other travel-related documents from most countries in the world. The database is developed by the Dutch authorities in cooperation with the authorities in Canada, Australia, USA, United Arab Emirates and Interpol. The content is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic.
The acces to Edison TD is divided into various levels. The first level is free of charge and does not require login.

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DISCS users (see below) automatically have access to Edison TD’s second level, which provides more images and additional information compared to the first level.

Document Information System Civil Status (DISCS)

DISCS is a web-based reference database developed by the authorities in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Norway (the Norwegian National ID Centre) and Denmark (NIDC).

DISCS aims to support the verification of foreign and national documents containing information on civil status, identity, nationality as well as other matters concerning the holder of the document. DISCS includes information on genuine and forged breeder documents, amongst others identity cards, birth, marriage and death certificates, citizen’s certificate and driving license etc.
DISCS requires login and is reserved for authorities handling ID documents.

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ID Database

The Norwegian National ID Centre manages an ID database containing information about ID documents and country-specific falsification trends as well as analyses of false and forged documents. The website is updated and expanded regularly. The Danish National ID Centre and the Danish Immigration Service contribute to the content of this database.
Parts of the website, including the ID database, require login and are reserved for authorities handling ID documents.

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Keesing Documentchecker

Keesing Documentchecker is a commercial document database containing specimens and genuine documents from most countries in the world.
The website requires login.

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Intranet Fraud and Authentic Documents Online (iFADO)

iFADO is owned and operated by the Council of the European Union and the information is published by EU member states, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

The website contains key information on security features in genuine identity and travel documents, visas and stamp printing in the EU as well as in a number of third country documents. The database also contains information about false documents.
The database is reserved for selected authorities and requires login.

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