Document Examinations

Authorities can ask for help in assessing ID documents

NIDC conducts assessments of all types of documents relating to an alien’s identity. 

To support the authorities' ability to establish and verify the identity of aliens, the National ID Centre offers assistance with document examinations. NIDC's Document Examination Laboratory is tasked with supporting the authorities' ability to authenticate all types of ID documents, both in the form of original documents and copies. This includes passports, ID cards and marriage certificates. 

NIDC receives requests for document examinations from the authorities served by the centre, and the results of the assessment can be used in the authorities' case processing in connection with applications for entry to Denmark, extensions of stay and other relevant matters.

The written statements provided upon examining the authenticity of ID documents are not administrative rulings in themselves, but provide factual information contributing to the basis on which Danish authorities determine and provide rulings on cases within their areas of responsibility.

Which authorities can request a document examination?

The following authorities can request a document examination from the NIDC: 
• The Appeal Board
• The Agency of Family Law
• The Danish Refugee Appeals Board
• The Danish Return Agency
• The Ministry of Justice
• The Danish Police
• The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI)
• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
• The Ministry of Immigration and Integration
• The Immigration Appeals Board
• The Danish Immigration Service

Furthermore, employees who conduct personal registration in following authorities are covered:
• The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs
• The Danish Tax Agency
• The Municipalities
• The Danish Agency for Education and Research