The Danish National ID Centre develops e-learning films to strengthen the quality of inspection of ID documents within the Danish Immigration authorities. All e-learning films are available in Danish and English.

The films are of various lengths and regard different themes. They all aim at employees, who would like to get new information or who want to brush up on their knowledge of ID documents.

Please note that the films require login. 

Background print Lock
Almost all ID documents have a specific type of background print that protects the document against forgery. In this e-learning film, you will learn more about how to distinguish a genuine background print from a counterfeit one.
    Background Print  
Security features in passports and ID cards Lock
Did you know that passports and ID cards are packed with security features that you can examine? This film presents some of the most common security features that are usually found on the bio-data page of a passport and on the front and the back of an ID card.
  Security Features    
Watermarks Lock
Would you like to learn about watermarks, to see the difference between genuine and false watermarks in different light-sources and gain knowledge on how to recognize false watermarks?
MRZ – the machine readable zone Lock
The machine readable zone can be found on modern travel documents. Watch this film to learn more about the MRZ zone.           

Corners Lock
Do you want learn how to detect counterfeit or forged ID documents? The corners of ID documents, such as passports and ID cards, are a security feature that can be examined quickly.