The NIDC has published a new e-learning film about civil documents

The Danish National ID Centre has created a new e-learning film for caseworkers who are verifying civil documents as part of their case handling.

Civil documents, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, often contain few or no security features. In the NIDCs new e-learning film, you can learn what to check instead, when examining a civil document.

In this film you will learn how to examine the information written in a document, as well as how information regarding procedures for registration and issuance can be part of the examination. In addition, you can learn how to detect forged or counterfeit documents. 

This film is published in both Danish and English.

You can find the e-learning film on the webpage under Training & e-learning. 
NB: The e-learning film can only be accessed by authorities who have a login to the closed section of the webpage.