The website has been upgraded

The Danish National ID Centre has gone live with a new and improved version of the website. From now on, it will be easier for the website's users to seek out publications concerning documents from specific countries.

Via the link "NIDC ID database", found on the front page of the website, it is possible to search for alerts, country-specific publications and publications on ID and document misuse. Access to all alerts and misuse publications as well as certain country-specific publications still requires the user to be logged into the website.

As something new, it is possible to sort the content by date, country, document type and type of misuse. This is possible on relevant pages, as well as pages containing links. It is also possible to create a "Filter by country" where the user can select a letter from the alphabet and choose countries beginning with the letter in question to see the publications and alerts published by the Danish National ID Centre concerning that specific country.

In the example shown, the page is for Bangladesh prior to user login. Via the top link, it is possible to see all alerts or publications that the Danish National ID Centre has published about the country in question while the links below link to the most recent publications about the country.  
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