Country-specific publications


The following note describes the issuance procedure of civil status documents issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority.


The note describes the administrative structure in Pakistan in relation to registration of personal data and to issuance of documents.


The following note describes the procedure for registration of marriage and issuance of marriage certificates in Cameroon. In doing so, the note will include a short description of the system for civil registrations in Cameroon.


The note describes the different ID cards in Pakistan, their issuance procedures and trustworthiness. 


The following note describes the different types of marriages in Ghana, as well as the conditions related to the issuance of Ghanaian marriage certificates. The note contains a brief overview of Ghana’s administrative structure and the legislative framework related to marriage. Finally, the note briefly touches upon the level of corruption in Ghana, and its impact on the credibility of Ghanaian documents.


The following informational note describes the registration and issuance of Thai marriage certificates.


The following informational note describes the issuance of Thai birth certificates along with the registration of a birth in a household book.


The note describes the features of the border crossing stamps in use by the immigration authorities of the People’s Republic of China.


A technical guide to the Philippine passport. The guide contains pictures and descriptions of the security features in the passport.


The note describes marriage registration and  marriage certificates in Vietnam.