Document examination

One of the main tasks for the Danish National ID Centre is to authenticate ID documents in the centre’s forensic document laboratory.

The authentication of ID documents used by other Danish authorities in their processing of specific cases includes a technical examination in the Danish National ID Centre’s forensic document laboratory. Danish National ID Centre compliments the technical examination with analyses of the documents’ tactical elements and other information regarding ID related issues, based on national and international intelligences.

The technical examination and the analysis of the tactical elements of the document form the basis of the written statement provided by the National ID Centre to the involved authority.

The written statements provided upon examining the authenticity of ID documents are not administrative rulings in themselves, but provide factual information contributing to the basis on which Danish authorities determine and provide rulings on cases within their areas of responsibility.

Please also see processing of personal data in relation to authentication of travel- and identity documents.

Procedure for general enquiries

If you are a case worker in one of the Danish authorities relevant for the work of the Danish National ID Centre you can send general enquiries of ID determination or ID documents, please contact  

NIDC’s Document Examination Laboratory is accredited for forensic testing

NIDC’s Document Examination Laboratory has been awarded accreditation to undergo forensic testing in addition to being professionally recognized and certified in the Laboratory’s competency in providing the services that the laboratory is established to provide to the immigration authorities. These competencies include authenticity examinations and document fraud detection, as well as assessing the security of ID-documents.

The internationally recognized accreditation standard that forms the basis for the accreditation of NIDC’s document technical laboratory is DS/ EN ISO /IEC 17025:2017: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. It sets out the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and continuous operation of laboratories. In addition, there are a number of accreditation provisions, which are based on requirements from international accreditation organizations such as EA, IAF, and ILAC.

In Denmark, DANAK is designated as a national accreditation body. NIDC’s document technical laboratory is checked and verified by accreditation, as well as assessed on the requirements that apply to this particular type of company. The requirements cover the framework-creating conditions such as management processes, procedures, the employees' technical and professional competencies as well as impartiality. But the requirements also include more specific technical conditions, such as that laboratory equipment are calibrated and suitable for tasks, measurement results are reliable and correctly recorded, and that there is control over the traceability of measuring instruments, tested materials and measurement results.